What was the inspiration behind The Measurable Difference?

The birth of The Measurable Difference can largely be credited to Vince Fowler’s appreciation and respect for TED Talks. Speakers like Sir Ken Robinson, Simon Sinek and Seth Godin were the voices in Vince’s head that motivated him to turn his own idea into a reality.

The idea – short and articulate talks designed specifically to benefit Small Business owners and aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Only $40.00? Why are TMD admission fees priced so low?

The Measurable Difference admission fees are low on purpose – currently $40.00 + GST – and will remain at this price for all of 2017.

There were times in Vince Fowler’s life where he didn’t have the funds to pay for dry-cleaning, let alone timely advice and consulting – however there were people in his life who were willing to share knowledge without any expectation at all, other than the expectation to listen and execute. Without their timely advice, Vince would have experienced a lot more struggle and frustration.

The Measurable Difference is the vehicle Vince is using to pay that advice (as well as his own) forward on a larger scale.

The day is far from “low cost” – after all, you’re investing four and a half hours of your day… listen to learn, implement and execute. Make the day count!

I didn’t pre-purchase a ticket, can I still attend?

Yes! Tickets can be purchased at the door for $50.00

What if I’m going to be late, can I still attend?

Yes! We aim to start and finish each @TMDyyc event on time. Whether you’re arriving a little late or you need to leave early, you’re welcome to join us for as long as you schedule allows.

What about Refunds?

No. There are no refunds. You’re committed or you’re not. Consider your nominal admission fee as a donation to the cause as all revenues are used to make the event and experience better for the attendees. Thank you in advance for your donation 😉

How do you come up with the themes for each event?

We seek out our visionary wisdom and guidance from a Magic 8 Ball… just kidding… kind of.

Vince comes up with the themes and he doesn’t have to look very far. Themes are based on day to day observations in the business community, or conversations with his clients and other business owners, locally and abroad. What’s going on in the business community right now? Where are Business Owners and Entrepreneurs experiencing challenge and opportunity? What are current and future trends?

It’s observations like these that make if very simple to come up with a relevant theme for our audience.

How do you identify and select the speakers for future TMD events?

TMD themes are thought of well in advance, often before a speaker has been identified. As we go about our days, we will meet Business Owners and Entrepreneurs whose values are in alignment with ours… most notably, Abundance… the belief in sharing knowledge without expectation.

Sometimes we meet Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who inspire us by inspiring others. Once we confirm their values are in alignment with ours, we start thinking of a theme that would leverage their knowledge to benefit the TMD audience.

Are the presenters professional speakers?

No. TMD presenters are not professional speakers. Our presenters are professionals in business and entrepreneurship. They were chosen for their relevant experience and ability to achieve measurable results, as well as having similar beliefs and values.

TMD attendees have been very kind and forgiving towards our selected speakers. They recognise the value in their content. When a speaker displays a few stage jitters or nerves, the audience has been great at putting the speaker at ease.

I know a speaker whose values align with that of the TMD, who should I notify?

If you believe you’ve met or know someone who lives by similar beliefs and values as those of us at The Measurable Difference – please let us know. That is to say that they have the experience and results that others could benefit from as well as a belief in Abundance.

The best way to make an introduction is to contact us via email, attention Vince Fowler.

Please include their name and contact information. Include any relevant links – website, social links and a short back story as to why you feel that they would benefit the TMD audience.

Are you looking for more partners?

Yes. We would happily entertain an introduction to a potential Partner.

We currently have three partners who make a contribution of time and energy, and/or money.

Similar to our speaker selection, we have the same expectation in our Partners –  they have to believe what we believe with respect to Abundance, and that they exist to serve Small Business owners, aspiring Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs (career minded professionals working for someone else).

If you believe you’ve met or know someone who would like to partner with The Measurable Difference – be it a single event or more – please let us know.

The best way to make an introduction is to contact us via email, attention to Vince Fowler.

Please provide all relevant contact information and any relevant links. If your extra keen, let us know why you feel there would be a mutually beneficial relationship between The Measurable Difference, the audience and the potential Partner.

Our FAQ didn’t answer your question?

Here are a couple ways to contact us.

Let’s talk

The Measurable Difference has grown and improved due the observations and feedback by others. We know where we’re going however we do not assume we have all the answers.

Want to talk about it?

Give us a call during office hours, Tuesday to Thursday between 9am and 4pm.

Office: 403-818-1227

Write to us

Have something to say? Fantastic! Can’t call? …because whatever it is that’s on your mind, it’s 2:00am and it’s keeping you up at night! (Hey, it happens to us, why wouldn’t it happen to you?)

No problem, please send us an email… then get back to sleep.

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