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Vince Fowler

Vince Fowler

Founder & Chief Challenger of the Status Quo
Donita Fowler

Donita Fowler

Game Day Operations

Vince‘s inspiration for the The Measurable Difference can largely be credited to TED Talks. Speakers like Sir Ken Robinson, Simon Sinek and Seth Godin were the voices in Vince’s head that motivated him to turn his own idea into a reality.

The idea – short and articulate talks geared specifically for Small Business and aspiring Entrepreneurs.

The speakers for these talks would be local business owners and entrepreneurs who are willing to share knowledge – without expectation – with other business owners. The knowledge shared had to be clear, concise and complete – so that any audience member could implement their new learnings and expect to achieve a measurable result – thus the name, The Measurable Difference.

The idea of The Measurable Difference lived in Vince’s head for nearly six months before he said, “Enough is enough, something good now will be better than something perfect later.”

On June 22nd, 2012 the very first TMD event launched – “Networking your way to rich relationships”. It wasn’t perfect in any way but the feedback was great and audience loved it.

Vince is also the co-founder of Vested Interest Group, a professional Business Coaching practice based in Calgary.

Vince lives life with eyes wide open, every day an adventure – a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces and a championship athlete and coach.

Vince is married to his beautiful wife and best friend, Donita Fowler. Together, they have two wonderful and healthy children, Hayden and Hudson (affectionately known as ‘the hobbits’).

The idea of sharing knowledge without expectation has been a refreshing change. The quality of speakers that each TMD attract is amazing. They all speak from the heart, and have a transparency about them on stage that really transcends into the audience.

Donita does a couple of things within The Measurable Difference. Game day operations keeps her busy the day of the events. Making sure that people feel welcome, the coffee is hot and everyone knows where to go and what to do. Be sure to say hello at the registration table. You might see her behind the video lens every once in a while as well.

Each speaker has a bio that is done prior to each event, and Donita writes the bio in the form of a speaker blog. Be sure to watch for them as they are usually available 2 – 4 weeks prior to the event. Sign up for TMD Blog and never miss another one!

Sharing The Measurable Difference’s journey with her husband, Vince has been a great example of how these two work together every day. Their Business Coaching practice, called Vested Interest Group, has given them lots of time to get used to working with each other.

Donita’s inspiration comes from her family. Her and Vince have 2 beautiful children, Hayden & Hudson.